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International Memories Captured in Photos by Nice Print

Memories Captured in Photos by Nice Print

International Memories Captured in Photos by Nice Print

Professional photos add character to your international trips. Imagine capturing the raw emotion, diverse cultures, and breathtaking landscapes with artistry. Each image becomes a cherished memory, a vivid story whispered through the lens.

Nice Print Photo’s International photographers unlock this magic. Their cultural fluency and insider knowledge weave a unique narrative, ensuring your photos transcend borders and become timeless mementos.

What is an International Photographer?

What is an International Photographer?

International photographers are storytellers capturing cultures, landscapes, and events. Their lens surpasses borders, weaving universal narratives through stunning visuals.

What is an International Photographer?

Why Choose Nice Print Photo’
International Photographer

Unforgettable adventures deserve unforgettable souvenirs. Nice Print Photo capture the magic of overseas travel. Our world-class international photographers blend seamlessly into any location, capturing your precious moments with a keen eye for cultural detail.

Global Event Photography Experiences

Global Event Photography Experiences

Global Event Photography Experiences

There are many international occasions where a photographer is needed. Here are a few key events that you may want to treasure:


Popping the question in a different country does not need to go unnoticed. With our international photographer, you can document this moment more smoothly. We are witty enough to find the best angle to capture every detail cunningly. After all, we don’t want to ruin the surprise. Look at us as your supportive best man or woman for this nerve-wracking and romantic moment!


What better way to say ‘I do’ than in your dream wedding destination? May it be on the beautiful sands of a tropical country or the sacred Renaissance basilica in Europe, we are there with you. Through every teary smile and hearty laughter, Nice Print Photo can preserve it all. We want to be able to let you savor the moment during and after your wedding.


Is your wanderlust birthday wish coming true? Let our international photographer reflect your itch to travel through our lens. We realize how exciting this opportunity is for you. That is why we want you to seize your dream city and experience it with a bang! Every year there are new things to explore and experience because growing older is just like an adventure. So take hold of this new age with confidence!


Coming into adulthood is more fun when you spend it in your ideal place. You find yourself pushed into a whole new world like immersing yourself in a different culture. At Nice Print Photo, we encourage you to explore this new stage in life without compromising on memories. Cherishing the bitter-sweet moments of growing up and maturing is made easy with our team.

Family Trips

Immersing in a different culture together is a fun way to get to know each other more. It creates lifelong memories that you can talk about over dinners. Plus, it allows every member to strengthen the bond even more. Whether it is learning more about Impressionist painters in a museum or tasting the umami in Japanese cuisine, our international photographer can capture your sense of wonder.

Business Trips

For companies that want to splurge a little more on their team building or enhance their project, Nice Print Photo extends their services to you. We understand that documentation is one of the necessities in working culture. That is why we want to help you capture every opportunity in your trip. From product launches, anniversaries, or any other corporate event, you can trust us to give you lasting portfolios.

Fashion or Editorial Shoots

Sometimes there is a certain detail a location needs to fulfill to satisfy the vision of the artist - whether it is in the bustling streets of New York City or the romantic cafes in Paris. At Nice Print Photo, our international photographers can help you find the right angle and tone to maximize the beautiful city backdrop.

Countries Captured by Nice Print Photo International Photographers

Countries Captured by Nice Print Photo International Photographers

Our clients have trusted us to seize their special moments worldwide. May it be an intimate proposal to creative photoshoots, we have gone far and wide to give them the best results. Here are a few places our team has been to to get that perfect shot:

Countries Captured by Nice Print Photo International Photographers


The country is known for a variety of things. These include the beautiful Mt. Fuji, lovely cherry blossoms, delicious sushi, and anime.

Japan is a go-to destination for solo travelers and families. Offering different backdrops, the country can satisfy whatever mood or style. You can take epic pictures in the Shibuya Crossing or quirky travel photos in cat cafes. Either way, Land of the Rising Sun is a magical location to make the best memories.


In pictures, this central European country offers an idyllic atmosphere. In some ways, it can look like a fictional town in a storybook. This is true in many places one of which is in Lauterbrunnen.

This quaint village in Switzerland is known for its lovely green-scapes. Thanks to the trough valleys in the Alps, this rural place is the perfect place to seize quiet moments. Plus, how lovely would it be to share the biggest grin with the mountains in the back?

United States

This country with fifty distinct states provides a wide range of atmosphere. The United States is a unique location that can meet different tones and atmospheres.

From the gritty streets of Manhattan to the iconic Venice beach, the US can satisfy your vision. Our international photographers are right with you in seizing romantic or high-fashion media.

United Arab Emirates

Just like the United States, the United Arab Emirates has a certain kind of versatility. This country has seven emirates or cities - Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Umm Al Qaiwain, Fujairah, Ajman, and Ras Al Khaimah.

The UAE is known for its beautiful dunes where you can take majestic photos in. This light tan natural backdrop can be flexible. Depending on the tone that you want, Nice Print Photo can help you incorporate romantic or edginess into your picture.


Bordering eight countries, Austria is one of the European cities that has a recognizable atmosphere. This place is known for music, art, literature, cuisine, and natural beauty. Some of the top destinations are Vienna Hofburg and Salzburg Altstadt.

The mentioned tourist spots are a testament to their talent in architecture. Structures in Austria are a blend of baroque, classicism, and art nouveau styles. Using these existing details, our team of international photographers can enhance the drama in your photos.


From Niagara Falls and rainforests to national parks and the northern lights, Canada offers a unique setting for your most enchanting memories.

If you want your pictures to have a more serene feeling, our team can easily seize this with our cameras in this North American country famous for its marvelous landscape.


For Anglophiles or people who greatly admire England, this country might be just for you. From appreciating the royal family, double-decker bus, or the classic red phone booths, let our international photographer capture your obsession.

There are a numerous artistic inspiration we can shoot here. We can grab inspiration from iconic music artists, sophisticated architecture, historical landscapes, and maybe even from the charming countryside.