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Top 10 Ang Pinaka: Bonggang Wedding Ideas

Publish On 2013-06-13 , 2:04 AM

To chaperon in a ‘marry’ month of June, GMA News TV’s award-winning info-tainment countdown uncover lists down a tip 10 ‘Ang Pinaka’ Bonggang Wedding Ideas for couples formulation to tie a tangle in fantastic fashion.

Radio DJ Nicole Hyala, marriage photographer Charisse Tinio, and marriage planner/coordinator Christine Ong-Te assimilated horde Rovilson Fernandez as guest panelists for this special episode.

Make your  “I do’s” noted with these Team Pinaka-approved marriage ideas:

10. Photobooth

Photobooths come in all shapes and sizes, and customarily come with both a tarpaulin backdrop and an array of wigs, hats, feathers, glasses, and boas that guest can enclose for dumb pictures.

In today’s selfie-obsessed culture, photobooths are a crafty approach to both entertain marriage guests, and leave them with fun, affordable souvenirs.

9. Games

Tired of a aged garter and fragrance toss? DJ Nicole Hyala recommends this fun turn on a classical tradition: Attach ribbons of varying lengths to a fragrance and let a singular ladies any lift a ribbon. The lady who gets a longest badge wins a bouquet.

For something unequivocally new, marriage photographer Charisse Tinio suggests a doubt and answer diversion in that all guest can participate. Guests can be divided into “Team Groom” and “Team Bride.” Both teams will have placards to lift in response to questions like “Sino sa tingin n’yo ang mas matagal magprepare sa umaga?”

As for prizes, if we have additional cash, gadgets are a certain approach to inspire participation.

8. Souvenirs and Giveaways

Gone are a days of run-down figurines, clear bells, capiz fans and other marriage giveaways that customarily accumulate dirt in a house. Now, unsentimental and applicable weddings souvenirs are some-more popular. Our guest panelists suggest bride-and-groom-shaped salt and peppers shakers, booze bottles with customized print labels, or cake in a jar.

7. Wedding Entrance

Photo pleasantness of Joey Boquiren 

To start your marriage with a bang, try one of these artistic and thespian entrances: Have your flower lady reason a poster with a pointer “Here comes a bride!”; journey into your accepting on a Harley Davidson with your hubby or wife; or classify a host dance routine.  

6. Wedding Dance

Photo pleasantness of DJ Nicole Hyala

The newlyweds’ initial dance is one of a many awaited moments in a wedding, and is traditionally hold towards a finish of a program. But nowadays, says Charisse Tinio, couples like to have their initial dance during a commencement of a event, so it can be enclosed in a on-site video.

Christine Ong-Te celebrated that host dances, in that a marriage environment dances with couple, are now also practiced.

5. Wedding Cake

Photo pleasantness of Hearts and Bells

In a ancient days, marriage cakes were customarily usually plain white and comprised of 4 to 5 layers of cake and styrofoam. But a series of marriage cake innovations have emerged in new years. In one renouned trend, hundreds of cupcakes are layered one on tip of a other to form a cupcake tower. There are also engineer cakes as seen on baking shows like Cake Boss and Fabulous Cakes.

4. Invitations

Photo pleasantness of DJ Nicole Hyala

Wedding invites used to demeanour like a apart cousin of a diploma, with their grave design, use of vellum paper, and calligraphy font. Couples these days, however, have turn artistic with their invites.

DJ Nicole Hyala recalls once receiving a disposable camera as a marriage invitation. Christine Ong-Te once perceived invitations done like passports that enclosed pop-ups for a 3D effect.

As for Charisse Tinio, zero beats a scrapbook invitation she once done for a client. “It was 15 pages na nagpapakita ng kanilang adore story,” she recalls.

3. Wedding Videos

Video pleasantness of Nice Print Photography

During a VHS era, couples had to wait weeks before they could watch their edited marriage videos. Now, videographers can simply revise marriage videos “on-site” or during a eventuality itself.

Another new creation in marriage videos is a “save-the-date” video, that infrequently looks some-more like a stylish TV blurb or neat film teaser.

2. Prenup Pictorial

Photo pleasantness of Nice Print Photography

For couples who don’t have a bill for a “save-the-date” video, a prenup impressive serves not customarily as a teaser for a wedding, though some-more importantly, as a exam fire and operation for a large day.

“Dito papa lang makakakuha na sila ng rapport sa kanilang photographer,” explains Charisse Tinio. “Nagkakaalaman na sila ng ugali.”

“‘Yung integrate nagkakaroon ng thought how to face a camera para alam nila kung paano sila magpo-pose,” adds Christine Ong-Te.

1. Wedding Theme

Photo pleasantness of Edward dela Cuesta Photography

Wedding themes now go over a choice of colors. Couples these days are some-more daring, pulling off Star Wars-inspired, Lord of a Rings-inspired, and Hello Kitty-inspired weddings.

From a invitation to a marriage attire, couples make certain that their personalities–their work, favorite hobbies, and aspirations, among others–are reflected in a theme.

Watch “Ang Pinaka” each Sunday during 6:30 PM on GMA News TV, or follow a uncover on Facebook and Twitter.

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