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Nice Print Photo Company is one of the leading, fast-rising companies in Digital Photo and Video Services. Consistently in the TOP 5 bookers in Wedding Expo Philippines and Philippie Wedding Summit, biggest bridal fair in the country organized by Themes & Motifs, we give only the best quality and value-for money services.

Our company's primary business line is Photo Developing and Printing. We operate a total of 15 Konica Photo Express outlets, enabling us to lower our rates, since we print our own photos.

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Personalized service is key for Nice Print Photography

Publish On 2010-03-01 , 12:00 AM

MANILA, Philippines - Out of all the photographers and videographers exhibiting at a bridal fair, how do you choose the best? A rule of thumb is to go by experience – other people’s experience, that is. Referrals and word-of-mouth will tell you just exactly how a photo and video company performed during work. Details such as service, finished product and extras count, too.

Among the photo and video companies in town, one firm has received high marks from happy couples but the bridal industry, too. The company promises not just nice prints but personalized service, as well. It is called Nice Print Photography.

Nice Print Photography’s Charisse Tinio takes pride in the hands-on personalized service she offers her clients to answer any of their questions. Whether they are based here or abroad, they are sure to get a quick reply. “I personally answer all the e-mails I get guaranteed within 24 hours, and I get around 200 e-mails a day,” says Tinio. “Many of the brides we have worked with, especially those who are working abroad and are getting married here, appreciate our prompt service. And if you look at my brochures, the cell phone number there is my own number. If they have any concerns regarding their arrangements, I will take their call any time of day.”

This March, Nice Print Photography has tied up with Themes & Motifs to present this year’s Wedding Expo Philippines, which is dubbed “Awesome Wedding Wonderland.” Themes & Motifs has assembled more than 300 bridal suppliers to exhibit in a 500-square-meter exhibition area, the biggest ever space assigned since the fair was started in 2005. The event will be held at the PICC Forum, CCP complex from March 13 to 14.

Since Nice Print Photography opened in 2005, it has already been recognized by the wedding industry for its outstanding service. Among awards it has received are W@W Top 10 Supplier for 2008, Top 2 Overall Booker for Wedding Summit Bridal Fair by Themes and Motifs, and Overall Top Booker for Wedding Library Fair in 2009.

Nice Print Photography has a long list of satisfied clients from both here and abroad. Aside from the United States, where it has opened an office just to address the demand of Filipino and Latino couples there, it has also served clients in Canada, Hong Kong, Macau, and Singapore. This May, it will be attending to the needs of its first client in London, a first for the company.

While Nice Print Photography has other clients, 95 percent of its business comes from weddings. Considering how demanding bridal shoots are, Tinio has trained her staff to be up-to-date with their techniques and in the use of equipment. Clients are assured of only the best images to document your event.  (source: click here)


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